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Boies Warning to Media against Leak of Sony Network’s Private Information

The latest intrusion of hackers into the computer network of Hollywood’s one of the biggest movie studios has left the officials stunned. Huge numbers of private and confidential documents were stolen by the attackers, which are now being leaked.  

Well, this is not the full story; the hacker deleted the original data and threatened the company to meet with their demands failing which the repercussions could be severe. The network was down for many days and took a long time to recover. The greater damage than this was the leak of five movies and revealing private information about the salaries of the employees and their performance data.

A lawyer representing Sony Pictures Entertainment, David Boies has given letters to news and media organizations this Sunday asking them to NOT publicize any leaked data about the Studio.

In the letter, Boies clearly cautions the media to ignore or destroy (if already downloaded) any leaked documents of Sony, which he refers to as stolen information.

We are writing to ensure that you are aware that SPE does not consent to your possession, review copying, dissemination, publication, uploading, downloading or making any use of the stolen information, and to request your cooperation in destroying the stolen information,” the letter reads.

The letter also mentions that the release of private information is due to the on-going campaign that seeks to prevent SPE from causing any disturbance to motion pictures and that the diffusion of both company and private information is intentionally done to materially harm SPE “unless SPE submits and withdraws the motion picture from distribution.”

The movie under question is the upcoming comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco – The Interview, for which Sony has been asked to pull back by Guardians of Peace.

A hacker professing to be associated with Guardians of Peace and taking the credit for the breach on November 24 transferred almost eight batches of documents of Sony to journalists on Sunday.  

Hiring Boies, who is one of the most high profile lawyers of the nation itself, explains how seriously Sony wants to solve this problem.



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