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The Latest on KKTH – Kim Kardashian Want Sister Khloe to Shed Some of That Fat.

“Look who’s talking” would be a natural reaction to this! Kim, who is known to have one of the most voluptuous figures in all of LA, slammed her sister Khloe’s body in the latest episode of KKTH (aired December 14th).
Most people would want to think that out of all the members of the Kardashian family, Kim would be the first to hail curves, but then, this episode will prove you wrong. In a conversation with Scott, Kim shocks viewers when she mentions that Khloe needs to lose weight.
Viewers did not want to believe their ears when they heard 34 year old Kim actually talks about how fat she is and that she will need to shed a couple of lbs. And then adds saying that this is out of control. Shocked, Scott says that they just can’t afford to lose their voluptuous figures. If they do, they would probably lose their money too. Kim exclaims saying, she would rather lose weight.
This conversation has been wrong on so many levels. Firstly, Khloe aged 30 is not really fat and has quite an enviable figure. Kim who bagged a number of projects just because of her figure has no reason to make such comments. There is no way in hell that Kim would be expected to comment so, since she made a million by flashing a figure on the cover of Paper Magazine. Kim wanting to lose weight is something that nobody has even heard of!
Fans are all feeling sorry for Khloe. Kim was rather nasty here and we all feel bad for poor Khloe. The rest of the episode shows Kim donning the matchmaker role for Kir Jenner. Jonathan and Kim tried hooking Kris with their chef, but it went kaput when their smart mother caught on.

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